About The Hosts

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John Bailer

John Bailer is “the stats guy” and co-creator of Stats+Stories.  He is also University Distinguished Professor and chair of the Department of Statistics at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio.

He is currently President-elect of the International Statistical Institute and previously served on the previously on the ASA Board of Directors. 

His scholarly interests include the design and analysis of environmental toxicology experiments and occupational health studies, quantitative risk estimation, gerontological data analysis, promoting quantitative literacy and enhancing connections between statistics and journalism.

Richard Campbell

Richard Campbell is “the stories guy” and co-creator of Stats+Stories. He is a professor and former Chair and Department of Media, Journalism and Film at Miami.  He is the author of 60 Minutes and the News: A Mythology for Middle America and co-author of Cracked Coverage: Television News, the Anti-Cocaine Crusade and the Reagan Legacy.

His article, “The Decline of Modern Journalism in the Neo-Partisan Era,” is included in The International Encyclopedia of Media Studies: Media Studies Futures. For Bedford/St.Martin’s Press, he is the lead author of three textbooks, including Media & Culture: Mass Communication in a Digital Age, the nation’s top media survey textbook.   

Campbell earned his Ph.D. from Northwestern University in Radio-Television-Film and worked as print reporter and TV and radio news writer in Milwaukee.  He also served for nine years as Miami’s representative on the Board of Directors for Cincinnati Public Radio.



Rosemary Pennington

Rosemary Pennington is “the moderator” of Stats + Stories. She is an assistant professor of journalism in Miami University’s Department of Media, Journalism & Film. Her research interests include new media and society, media and identity, and the representation of minorities in media.

Before joining academia, Pennington was a broadcast journalist, working in the WOUB and WBHM newsrooms. At WBHM, Pennington covered science and medical stories for the station, reporting on everything from the AIDS epidemic to home brewing beer.

Her work on that beat earned her the Best Specialized Reporter award from the Alabama Associated Press two years in a row as well as a Michael E. DeBakey Radio Journalism award for her story about Babec, the first silverback gorilla to ever receive a pacemaker.

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