The Stats and Stories podcast is made possible through funding from the American Statistical Association. Through this funding the program discusses a lot of topics which features different software programs and integrated learning techniques. Below are resources discussed on the show and ways to get more information about them.


R Computer Programming

In out episodes with both Hadley Wickham and Nick Thieme display the wide range of uses that the open-source software can be used for.


In our episide with Suzanne Kunkel we talked about the patterns of aging and how we can use data to monitor that. 

The Global Slavery Index

In our episode with Davina Durgana we talked and looked at just how widespread and prevalent slavery is in this day and age.

The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health

In our episode with Chris Whittaker Sofge we discussed hazards in the workplace and how the CDC monitors that. 

U.S. Census Data Visualization Gallery

In our episodes with both John Thompson and Tommy Wright we took at look at what exactly the  Census measures and does.

Society for American Baseball Research

In our first episode with Jim Albert we talked about the most statistically advanced sport, baseball